My Journey into Tech

My Journey into Tech

Fibi on the road from baking to now designing digital solutions

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Had I known, I should have taken my tech career seriously two years ago.

The first time I wrote HELLO WORLD on Vs Code, I felt so happy. I know what you are thinking right now. Do you think I am a web developer? Well, I failed in that aspect two years ago.

WHERE IT ALL STARTED For as long as I can remember, I wanted nothing but to be a teacher and a baker. I lead the brand at Fibibakes and help startup bakers become skilled and financially profitable. I studied bio-medical technology at the prestigious university of Port Harcourt.


I got into Tech in 2019 through a friend who is an exceptional web developer, he encouraged me to do it and even decided to teach me for free if I showed interest. I showed serious dedication for three weeks before my attention span came running. At this point, I want to take time to appreciate every web developer, technical writer, and people involved in the technical aspect of Tech cause learning this skill requires a lot of patience, consistency, and practice.

So here is why I didn't last long in learning web development, it wasn't my thing and I disliked the technicality that came with it. I was doing it for the wrong reasons simply because there was a buzz and hype around it.
Most people in tech are highly brilliant folks. I wanted to feel among, and in addition, I thought tech was a get-rich-quick scheme ( what sapa can cause). I failed to realize I was doing something I had no passion for. Don't get me wrong, you can excel in doing something you do not have a single interest in as long as you give it your best shot.

In my case, I wasn't giving it my best shot because I lacked interest and had Zero motivation to do it. I gave up the idea of Tech and concluded that "it wasn't for me".

Lesson learned #1: Sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths


Now I was ready to learn tech for what it was and not what the public made it look like, having gained experience in the entrepreneurship world from running my own business and creating solution-based products for bakers. I fell in love with product design and was immersed in the idea of solving user problems in a way that benefits the business. I have been doing that without even realizing it, the only difference this time around was working with digital products instead of physical products. So I began my learning process and decided to learn in public by sharing valuable tips on what I am learning to help other newbies like myself. At first, I was scared to start because I did not know how to make the transition. The thought of dedicating my time to it alongside running my business was scary and overwhelming, I had built my personal brand around baking, and people know me for that.

My learning process took off in June this year. I got myself a great friend, a true leader, and a mentor who opened a whole new world to me and is intentional about my growth. He provided me with every available resource and learning material and introduced me to a community of like-minded individuals for which I am forever grateful. I am currently taking a course on Udacity and Coursera while interning for a startup tech company. I became more intentional about putting my work and myself out in the tech community. I found that what my mentor had taught me was true: my wings can carry me through practically any situation. This learning process has since opened me up to a genius aspect of myself I thought never existed; CONTENT WRITING.

Lesson learned #2: Risks are opportunities masked in fear. Remember, you can always change your mind if you are unsure.

I am very proud of myself and the strides I have made in technology. I went from complete novice to redesigning a cake ordering app in my first few weeks of learning, to moderating physical and online tech events, to landing my first job as a social and communication manager for a Dubai-based company.


Fibi cake ordering app.png

Learning is a never-ending process for me. When I reflect on my journey, I find a few key nuggets that I believe have been key to my success so far:

1. The path to your success will reveal itself during the journey. If unsure about the next move, choose any direction, don't stay put and do nothing. Moving somewhere opens doors, staying still closes them. The best things are hard to reach, and the road is never fully clear at the start. You should still take the first step - the path to your goals will reveal itself during your journey if you believe in it, and work hard to get there.

2. You need people. If you think you can do it all alone, then think again. a time would come when you would need a shoulder to cry on, you would need support from your family, friends, mentors, superiors past and present, all the teachers, clients, partners, your teams and your colleagues. Whether you realize it yourself or not, your achievements are not just yours, and your success will always rely on other people. So treat any person who has an impact on your life well, they are a part of what made you and deserve your utmost respect and the best you have to give.

3. Speak Up. This skill is deceptively easy in theory, but in reality, one of the hardest, and arguably the most pertinent skill you will ever gain. People cannot read minds. If you think you will get that open position or promotion or an interesting project just because you want and deserve it too, think again. Most likely, the person making the selection has no idea you would be interested in it, and if you don’t raise your hands, it will probably go to someone else. But if you do, good things can happen. This skill requires confidence and the readiness to put yourself under scrutiny, so work on those first.

4. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right. Always remember this. If you think you can’t do it, you’re right. If you think you can, even when you don’t know how, try one thing, and if that doesn’t work, try another. That’s the only way to get experience. And you will probably find that you were right.

It’s been a journey for me to break into Tech and find my path. But I manage to do so, thanks to my love of solving problems, designing creative solutions with technology, innovating and building with others, learning about new technologies, and discovering new tech communities.

All these combined are the reason why I choose to be a product designer and be in tech.

Thanks for Reading! Writing this has been no less fun and a great memorable trip for me. Wherever you are in your tech journey, my final words to you are to never give up doing what you love to do. The journey may seem uncomfortable, but if you connect with good people, learn and build together with the community, it will be a lot more fun and memorable!

Thank you for reading my story. I hope it can somehow inspire or motivate you toward reaching your own goals. If you would like to connect, feel free to find me on any of my socials here. about Fibi